Libya’s rival Governments sign UN backed peace deal

epaselect epa05073187 Libya’s Tobruk-based government’s representative, Mohammed Chouaib (3 – L), and Dr. Saleh Almkhozom (3 – R), Second Deputy Chairman of the Libyan General National Congress, celebrate with others after signing a UN sponsored ‘Libyan Political Agreement’ aiming to end Libya’s conflict, Suheirat, Morocco, 17 December 2015 2015. Though the signing, aimed at ending the countries ongoing civil war, was greeted with great fanfare in Morocco, many still doubt how it will be implimented as some within the rival Governments not present at the signing and the plethora of warring factions seem likely to ignore its proposals for the formation of a unity Government, calling it illegitimate and imposed by external powers. EPA/STR

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